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About Us

Our History

Envíos Catrachos In 1988 our founder Miriam Fernandez, arrived in the United States, with her first born daughter. In search of medical help for a heart disease that the child developed during her first months of life. Once in the United States, Miriam found help for the child through the good people at the University of Miami, Children's Hospital, which saved the life of the child. At that moment she made a promise to never stop working in order to repay this great nation for all the assistance that was offered in terms of medical help for her daughter.

During the first years of her stay in the United States. Miriam, would ship products frequently back to her home country in Honduras, Central America, in the event that one day she would be in the position of being deported, and would need to work to give a dignified life to her family. During one of these times that she sent goods back to Honduras, the company she used, lost her shipment, as well as other people who used them at the same time. When she went to the offices of the company with other customers, the owner of the company told them that due to their immigration status they could not do anything, and that they had simply lost their products. At that time she made a second promise, of someday owning a business where individuals could send their parcels, with confidence. Where she was a responsible business owner, and where she could provide confidence to persons who with so much sacrifice would send their goods, back to their home countries.

With that in March 2001, at the gates of the immigration offices of the United States, in Miami, Florida. Recently legalized as a permanent resident in the United States.She looked at her husband, and asked if he could support her with a dream of opening a small door to door service to Honduras. With that in April 2001, ENVIOS CATRACHOS, Inc. became a reality.

Our Ideals:

We strive to be a company with a superior level of customer service. Economic and effective, with responsible delivery time frames, within the norms of each Customs Office, in the countries in which we operate.