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Basic Info:

Commercial Products

1. All commercial product are required by the authorities of each country of destination to be declared, with their respective Invoices, or proofs of payment , so that both the client and Envios Catrachos, avoid delays in customs.
2. If the client does not have a customs broker. Envios Catrachos, can recommend one, so that shipments can be processed through the customs rules, and regulations of each country.
3 It is recommended that every company that sends commercial products, make their own Bill of Laden policy, so that they can deduct customs costs properly in each country that is sent too.
4 Envios Catrachos shipments,can be charged to customers in two ways. In each case Envios Catrachos, informs clients that all fees must be paid in order to finish the respective process.
a.) By door to Customs, in each country.
b.) Door to Door, once cleared by Customs of each country.

Personal Effects

1. Any product sent must be properly declared. In case it is not, Envios Catrachos, reserves the right to pass on all tariff charges in each country where we operate. Either to the recipient, or to the customer in the United States, that sent the merchandise prior to delivery of goods.
2. Envios Catrachos does not transport any kind of weapons, ammunition, explosives, cash or flammable liquids. In case that the client does ship these types of products, Envios Catrachos, reserves the right to assist the authorities in each country where the product is sent so that the information of the client that sends, and the recipient is given. This way the proper steps are taken against those persons involved in the transaction.
3. Envios Catrachos, only offers insurance loss to Honduras,
4 Envios Catrachos, reserves the right not to deliver in areas where it is considered very dangerous, both for:
a.) Security against theft.
b.) Geographic territory. landslides, grown rivers, broken roadways, earthquakes or forest fires, etc.

For shipments of Vehicles

1. Each vehicle must have its clean title.
2. Proper evidence of payments are required, by customs of each country of destiny.
3. Each vehicle, should be transported empty. Envios Catrachos, customs offices, or shipping lines are not responsible for items lost in the vehicles.
4. Each country has its restrictions as to the manufactured years in which a vehicle must be, in order for entry to the country of destiny, the customer before shipping the vehicle, must verify what those restrictions may be. On a given case that the vehicle does not enter the destination country, due to year of manufacture, Envios Catrachos, are not responsible.
5. Envios Catrachos, is not responsible for damage caused by transport of vehicle, due to bad weather at sea, or in the hands of the shipping companies in North American ports,or in countries of destination.

For Air Cargo

1. Air cargo considered commercial goods, must be declared properly, and a independent Bill of Laden processed. Envíos Catrachos, door to door service will be completed once the product has left customs, in which case the client requests this portion of the service to be completed.
2. Charges for air shipments, have a minimum weight of both volume and weight price. Charges are dependent on which is greater at the time of receiving the product. Envíos Catrachos, reserves the right to charge domestic transport in the countries of destination,

Nonprofit Organizations

1.Non profit foundations, churches, organizations that send food, clothing and infrastructure to the poorest in the country, or institutions of need, are given discounted pricing for shipments.